Mary Denise Sugrue was born in Roslindale, Boston, Massachusetts on May 22, 1923. She is the daughter of the late Denis Joseph Sugrue and Margaret Theresa (Downing) Sugrue. She is recognized as the matriarch of Clann Ó Siochrú and can, perhaps, more accurately be described as the person whose idealism and genius brought about the world wide foundation of Clann ÓSiochrú.

It was her inspiration, dedication and tenacity that focused her to research the variant surname spellings that emerged from the Gaelic surname ÓSiochrú / ÓSiochfhradha. Today, these variant surname spellings total 104 variations that are spread in many countries across the globe. She researched and documented thousands of pieces of information in census data, shipping files, land ownership, birth/marriage/death records.

Proud and devoted to her family roots in Ireland, in 1990, almost single-handedly she became the face that introduced Clann ÓSiochrú to the world.

What can we say about Denise Sugrue? At her great age we pray she will succeed in overcoming the illness that has incapacitated her mind and body. Denise, we all wish you good health and God’s blessing. Her Library has to be built brick by brick and will take time to evolve.

More to be added in the near future

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